Psychotherapy is a special process that people go through to overcome their psychological difficulties. This process involves specific conditions created in partnership between the therapist trained and experienced in psychotherapy and the person applying for psychotherapy.

Simply put, these conditions are about how the interview will be conducted; It includes the primary factors that come to mind about how many days of the week and which days to work, what time to work, how the person applying for therapy should participate in this process, how to communicate in an emergency and to ensure privacy.

Our team includes different therapists who work with people of different ages (infancy-childhood-adolescence-adulthood-advanced age). Based on the partnership between the person applying for therapy and the therapist; It works in a direction that embraces privacy, sincerity, respect and being humane as its working principles.

Our team consists of a wide range of therapists; The primary starting point is to avoid focusing on a particular subject or pathology, and to create a work program specific to the issues brought by the person applying for therapy.

Group Therapy

Group psychotherapy or group therapy is a form of psychotherapy in which one or more therapists address and conduct the psychic processes of the people who apply to therapy as a group.

More broadly, the concept of group therapy can be understood to include any process of spiritual support, such as support groups, skills/educational groups, supervision and psycho-educational groups.

Acting in parallel with the individual psychotherapy working philosophy, groups that will work on the subjects that are thought to fall into the therapy field are formed in line with the needs and their processes are carried out.

Some therapists in our team are also group therapists and psychodramatists. We have group therapist and psychodramatist candidate team members who are currently continuing their education.


Clinical supervision can be offered for the work of the therapist with individuals who are currently working or will begin to work. In a broad sense, supervision is planned and planned on a level that covers a wide range of professions such as social workers, special education specialists, pedagogues, psychiatrists, psychology students, nurses working in the field of mental health. In line with the need or demand, individual or group supervision sessions are opened. People who do not work directly in the field of mental health but who want to study mental issues as their profession are offered different work options to be considered under the heading of supervision after the preliminary interview.


Psychological research is a field that is studied both to follow the current developments in the field and to understand how our profession is practiced retrospectively. Psychological research has professional, educational and therapeutic outcomes.

There are academic therapists in our team, research groups are formed, reading groups are planned and conducted, and academic supervision is provided. Our team is open to requests and collaborations in this regard.