During the years I worked as a clinical psychologist at Taksim Training and Research Hospital, I was complaining about the lack of suitable meeting places in hospital conditions. Some of the people who had medical diagnoses and continued to come to the hospital for treatment were referred to me for spiritual support, but suitable interview environments could not be created. That's when I started dreaming of a private institution. The applicants needed a clean, simple and attentive space where they could safely leave themselves. Of course mine too...

The area I opened under the name of 'Psychological Counseling and Research Center' in 1982 was a room that belonged to me in the flat I shared with my two friends, who are pediatricians and dermatologists. Our story started in Beyoğlu Sıraselviler street, one of the historical buildings known as Ayla Business Han, which belongs to one of our unforgettable artists, Safiye Ayla.

  In 1992, I needed a space on my own and a center was formed where I started working with the team I was training. I chose the name “Aura” after much thought, both for its meaning and for its music. Many of our colleagues who grew up from Aura created their own fields and left over time. We progressed over time with our colleagues who continued with us and contributed to the strengthening of the team.

'Aura' has become a structure within its own dialect, without making any special efforts to become a brand. As of December 2022, we can say that we have been working for 40 years. In this process, following the establishment of the Autistic Club (1993), our path continued with a deep civic sensitivity that led to its transformation into the Autistic Association (1995) two years later. Many artists and academics supported this progress over time. We continued to train our colleagues in the field by adding the concepts of 'Therapy and Education with Art' to our career in the field of psychotherapy.



Dr. Hatice Nevin Eracar