Psychological counseling works with several different areas in contact, without specifically targeting a therapeutic outcome; It is a process that progresses towards aspects such as preventive mental health, education, professional development and career planning. In order to determine the psychological counseling process correctly, a preliminary interview is planned to understand the needs and create a work plan.


Internship is defined as the applied learning period spent by a person who will acquire a profession and the period spent by this person working in one or more departments of an institution in order to increase his professional knowledge. Aura is primarily concerned with how its interns mobilize their own resources. That is, the priority is for trainees to participate in the production/service process. For this reason, Aura acts with the following key concepts when it comes to internship: initiative, hard work, creativity, courage, taking initiative and putting all of these into action. You can send a message to with the title "internship information/application" to get information about the internship program carried out in our center and to apply. Your questions and applications will be evaluated.